Lintberg for recruiters

Since 2007, Lintberg is the online network for executive candidates. Our focus is solely on top-level jobs and candidates: with a salary indication of € 100.000 and up for permanent positions or interim positions with rewards higher than € 100,- per hour.

Positions that match the ambitions of our target audience are also eligible for Lintberg - think in the lines of board roles or senior positions in charitable organisations. For these types of positions, the € 100k+ salary requirement does not apply.

Reach top candidates

Not all Lintberg candidates are actively looking, but all are available for the next step in their career. It's important for you as executive search firm, headhunter or corporate recruiter to reach these talented candidates.

Publish your position at Lintberg or use our online sourcing services to quickly, effectively and discreetly identify the right candidates at the top.

Discretion & confidentiality

Two essential words that apply to the top level of the market, appreciated by both candidates and clients.

Lintberg protects its members by only disclosing their profiles to registered executive search firms, employers do not have direct access to our candidate database.

We uphold your confidentiality by publishing your € 100k+ position in a closed environment to your target audience. Next to this, you can also publish your position fully anonymously, without any information to be traced back to you or your client.

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