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You are a high-end candidate and not actively looking for your next executive position. But you are interested in a little bit of executive luck? Join Lintberg and present yourself to 415 renowned executive search firms. Discreetly, because corporate recruiters do not have direct access to our member database.

Lintberg gives you access to an extensive overview of current € 100K+ jobs, published by headhunters and corporate recruiters in The Netherlands. Finding and getting found at an executive level has never been easier!

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Lintberg monitors all jobs daily, so you will only find real and updated jobs here. We are so confident of our excellent service that we have no problem with offering you a unique € 100K+ guarantee: whenever you apply for a job that is already in a final stage or does not meet our € 100.000 minimum, the job will instantly be removed and you will be compensated with three months of Premium membership.

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Your account is only visible to executive search firms verified by Lintberg: corporate recruiters (employers) do not have direct access to your data. Getting found for or finding your next € 100K+ job has never been easier.

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