• Michiel on Talent Alert

    Eurofins, an international group of testing and support laboratories servicing the pharma, food, agricultural and environmental industry, is always on the lookout for talent to support their global expansion. This obviously goes for many multinationals, but Eurofins sets is own bar very high: only academically schooled, early career high potentials with steep growth path are considered.

    'For several years now, Eurofins has been satisfied with the results of our partnership with Lintberg.'

    Michiel Prins, Talent Acquisition Manager, Eurofins Scientific

    Michiel Prins knew Lintberg from his earlier days as headhunter at a renowned Dutch executive search firm. In his new role as Talent Acquisition Manager at Eurofins, he contacted Lintberg for support in the search for a Business Unit Manager in the Netherlands. It turned out to be the start of a cooperation in which Lintberg evolved into Eurofins' talent pooling partner.

    Lintberg continuously scans the market for the high potentials Eurofins wants to attract and contacts them to get acquainted to the biotech company. If candidates are keen to learn more, Lintberg introduces the top talents to Michiel Prins. The partnership with Lintberg has delivered Eurofins with candidates, who would not have been introduced through other channels.

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  • Jeroen on Job Spotlight

    Securitas Transport & Aviation, the Dutch airport branche of the world's top 3 security company, was looking for a Tender Manager. After several unsuccessful direct searches, Securitas contacted Lintberg to publish the job on their platform. As additional service, Lintberg handled the incoming applications and helped put together a first selection of candidates.

    'In our experience this is typically a challenging role to fill, but publishing our job at Lintberg delivered our Tender Manager within two weeks at a fraction of the costs of an executive search.'

    Jeroen van Wingerden, Director of Operations, Securitas Aviation

    By publishing their job opening on Lintberg, Securitas reached over 60.000 candidates in the Dutch € 100K+ segment and was able to draft a selection of capable, qualified and interested candidates. The result: within two weeks Securitas found their Tender Manager, who succesfully concluded a highly important tender for the company.

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  • Remon on Shortlist Service

    "Where can we find an Operations Manager in the north of the Netherlands?", was the question with which the Drents company Cross Point approached Lintberg.

    'From the selection we were able to identify the ambitious candidate to lead Cross Points operations for the coming years.'

    Remon Spekreijse, CEO, Cross Point

    The Drentse company Cross Point, developer and manufacturer of retail security systems, wanted to free up its CEO/founder to focus on his strength: product development. In order to achieve this, the organisation needed a candidate to take on the operational aspects. The biggest challenge in this case? Location. Finding an excellent operations director in the Randstad is considerably easier than in the relatively sparsely populated market in Drenthe.

    By combining a job post on Lintberg to a search in their own database and other channels, Lintberg delivered a diverse selection of candidates. From this selection, the company picked the ambitious candidates to take chargeof and improve the daily operations of Cross Point for the coming years.

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