About Lintberg

What does Lintberg do exactly, is a question we get from people who are not yet familiar with us. The short version: Lintberg connects. Lintberg connects candidates, headhunters and clients at the top level: exclusively for positions with an annual salary indication of at least € 100.000.

Lintberg was founded in 2007 to create transparency in this particular segment. Before then, as a candidate you relied on your own network, which meant missing out on interesting job openings because they were published outside the scope of your own network.

At the other end, headhunters were mostly dependent on who they knew. This resulted in clients not always necessarily getting the best, but the best known candidate.

Transparant, yet discreet

Discretion was essential in the € 100K+ segment, but in a rapidly changing online world the demand for more transparancy was on a rise.

Enter Lintberg: the online platform where candidates got access to an exclusive and complete overview of current, guaranteed € 100K+ jobs and a platform where headhunters instantly expanded their network with tens of thousands executive level candidates.

By only giving headhunters access to candidate details, discretion was guaranteed. Corporate recruiters did not - and to this day still don't - have access to our members. This allows you as acandidate to find or get found for your next € 100K+ job, without your employer knowing you're looking around.

Are headhunters still relevant?

Absolutely! Hiring the wrong candidate at an executive level can be a significant potential business expense, far exceeding the fee for an executive search. The expertise, network and insights of a headhunter can be vital in identifying the right candidate.

However, the current market requires change again. An increasing number of corporate recruiters chooses to keep in control of the search process. To keep our overview of € 100K+ positions complete, Lintberg is moving along with this development. Corporate recruiters still don't have access to your member information, but can publish their € 100K+ positions on Lintberg.

Furthermore, Lintberg now also delivers candidate shortlists to headhunters and client. Again, following the adage discretion first. We will always contact you first, before introducting your profile to a client.


What others have to say about Lintberg?


"Througout the years, we have come to know Lintberg as excellent partner to work with. Next to the high quality resumes we get through the platform, the Lintberg organisation thinks along and is very service-minded."

Jurgen Pauwels - Headhunter & oprichter, Dux Nova Executive Search


"Completely against the sentiment of the current candidate-focused market, Lintberg knows how to be successful with high quality job openings. It's surprising to see how well the Lintberg model works, compared to other sites."

Wim de Kruijf - Consultant, Van de Groep & Olsthoorn


"AV has recently used Lintberg's services for our executive search mandates. We are more than satisfied with the quality of the audience Lintberg gives us access to in finding the next leaders for our clients.

Lintberg has proven to be a valuable partner in our search for the best fit."

Ad Veldhuizen - Director, AV Werving & Selectie


"We have been using Lintberg for our local searches for years and are very satisfied with the quality of the candidates we reach through the platform. Lintberg values user friendliness and offers a good customer experience."

Hans Jonkers - Managing Director, Kienbaum Netherlands


"For several years, Lodiers & Partners has been using Lintberg. We reach the right candidates for our positions with the help of the Lintberg JobAlert and publishing job profiles on the platform has increased our success rate.

Next to this, our cooperation with Riëtte van Vliet is great. She delivers regular reports, takes initiative, is always available for questions and actively approaches us when things are unclear. All in all, a nice personal partnership which we hope will last for a long time!"

Melissa Koelewijn - Office Manager, Lodiers & Partners


"Since we have joined Lintberg, our revenue has increased. More clients hav found Jurczik DeBlauw through the clear overview and listings on the platform."

Iwan Jurczik - Managing Partner, Jurczik DeBlauw


"Lintberg offers a platform with qualified candidates matching our target audience, the applications we receive through Lintberg are of excellent quality. Lintberg thinks with us and we appreciate the partnership."

Barbara Kuil-Jipping - Partner, Blooming Hill Executive Search


"Lintberg has proven to be a valuable partner and effective channel for Inside Out Executive Search to map the upper levels of the market, through their well-functioning and well-performing platform."

Pascal Swart - Partner, Inside Out Executive Search


"Time and time again, Lintberg connects us to the right senior financials. The platform works great for us, we regularly receive high quality applications in a short timespan.

Furthermore, their service is outstanding!"

Jannie Mijnbeek - Marketing/Communicatie, Alterim


"As a national charity, we have had an excellent experience with Lintberg. At a reduced rate - available only for charities - Lintberg performed a search for the new Director for Stichting Oogfonds Nederland.

We received an extensive amount of applications through the platform and Lintberg was able to quickly shorlist the right professionals, saving us a lot of time. We were positively surprised particularly by the diligence of the procedure and the speed of the process. Through Lintberg, we were able to find the right candidate within a very short period of time."

Ingrid Kolkhuis Tanke - Directeur, Stichting Oogfonds Nederland


"Lintberg offers a clear approach to the executive level market. It works: quick, professional and effective."

Huib Larsen - Headhunter, Larsen Executive Search


"Finding the right people should be the #1 priority of every CEO. Lintberg offers a highly valuable pool of candidates, who can present themselves to potential employers in an effective manner. I would highly recommend the services of Lintberg to any organisation looking for senior executives."

Thomas van den Groenendaal - Director, Evening Breeze


"The applications we receive through Lintberg are of high quality and often perfectly match the required profile. Robert Half is very satistifed with the cooperation and excellent service provided by Lintberg."

Yvonne Huijbregts - Marketing/PR Coördinator - Robert Half


"Lintberg offers a great platform to quickly connect with candidates who are necessarily actively looking, but are definitely open to a change. We get in touch with many interesting candidates and have successfully placed them at our clients."

Lodewijk Lugard - Partner, Confius Executive Search


"Lintberg is the ideal platform for us as executive search firm. Lintberg brings our positions, generally executive or C-level, to the attention of the audience we want to reach. Our partnership is based on mutual trust and professionalism, which makes Lintberg a truely valuable partner in the executive segment."

Joyce Jongejan - Office Manager/Resource Consultant, TFC Professionals & Executives