Why Join?

As a candidate, you may or may not be actively looking for your next executive position. Either way, it's likely that you want to make yourself available to one of the headhunters connected to Lintberg.

Your profile at Lintberg is visible to headhunters - and headhunters alone: corporate recruiters do not have direct access to our database. This allows you to find and get found for your next top position.

Next to presenting yourself to headhunters, Lintberg offers the largest up-to-date selection of guaranteed € 100k+ jobs.


€ 100k+ guarantee

We always keeps in touch with headhunters to check our job selection for outdated opportunities and always verify the salary indications.

Have you responded to or seen a job that's in a concluding stage or does not meet our € 100k+ salary requierement? Let us know and we'll give you three months of Premium membership for compensation.


Discretion & confidentiality

Your Lintberg account is only visible to verified headhunters connected to us. Corporate recruiters (employers) do not have direct access to your profile, allowing you to discreetly look out for your next € 100k+ position.