Managing Director USA

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San Diego
YER for Itility

The organisation

At Itility, 250+ top professionals work together to deliver digital solutions for enterprise customers in the area of data analytics, software, IT, and IoT. In multidisciplinary teams, they combine different areas of knowledge and competencies, so that they can work faster and more efficient at all levels. They partner with their customers and learn from each other every day.

Most of their customers have a global footprint. Based on their vision, they start with building blocks to use IT in a fully flexible manner. They build, implement and run enterprise grade I(o)T systems. And they do it well, because their customer portfolio and team continue to grow. They are committed to the use of new technologies and innovative ideas. Their lines of communication are short, and they act quickly.

The business in the USA currently consists (>90%) of companies that have a standing long-term relation with Itility in the Netherlands. As such, most sales is performed by their Customer Representatives (CR’s) in the Netherlands. The executing branch of their customers are the interfaces of the Managing Director and consists of (senior) directors and managers with span of control in USA.

The business consists of both long term (24*7 service) contracts and projects with lead time between 3 and 6 months (portfolio is 50/50). The managing director represents Itility in monthly service reporting meetings and project boards and as such is responsible for all delivery in the US. Building a relationship with the customers in the US is crucial.

New business development activities are started up in the US and sponsored by Itility Management team. These lie mainly in the area of Digital, IoT and data.

The position

The Managing Director USA is responsible for managing the relationship with (local) customers, delivery of services, leading and expanding the team, managing the office(s) and to a lesser extent new business development. The mix/focus in these responsibilities can change with a growing team and business.

Itility-US has a good profitability and stable team, ready for scaling in the US. Working in the Itility-US team means working in a small start-up-like company – while at the same time being able to tap into the established ways of working and methodologies of Itility-Netherlands and being connected to a large team of colleagues and competencies.

Candidate profile

You have a hands-on mind-set, a strong customer- and problem-solving orientation, show fast results, and have demonstrated good communication skills, especially in an international IT organization. To achieve the project goals, you are able to liaise directly with all stakeholders. You have a clear focus on results and quality. Based on the experience of Itility in setting up the company and their leadership positions until now they concluded that they need an experienced leader who will bring the company to next level of maturity.

In addition to hands-on account management skills, the candidate should have people management skills to be able to manage delivery of IT services at customer sites. A broad IT content driven consultancy profile is a prerequisite. Best match would be an entrepreneurial profile, capable of further professionalizing and growing US presence. He or she should have extensive experience on C-level in the high-tech industry, strong cultural sensitivity and a proven IT technology interest.

We are looking for a person "who did it before" and wants to bring his/her experience to a scale up in a market full of opportunities. We are looking for a minimal period of 3 years. Located in San Diego, bi-weekly travel to San Jose or other US locations, and quarterly travel to Netherlands is required.

The offer

  • Attractive salary
  • Growth opportunities
  • Education, training
  • Innovative company
  • Work hard play hard family culture
  • Living in San Diego: the land of surf and sun and its laidback attitude. The multitude of hiking trails, gorgeous beaches, and booming culinary and beer scene, inspire people from all over the world to pack up their belongings and head west.
  • Nearly perfect weather all year long.


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